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Skeleton minimum change set

Yamamoto-san's funny document page is here!

Uploaded Image: Skeleton-Minimum.gif


This is a minimum change set of Skeleton for SqueakLand image. File in this file, and you can play with Skeleton spring or mic sensor.

This package includes

This package is based on Connectors 1.9 by Ned Konz.

Skeleton minimum Japanese kit

Uploaded Image: Skeleton-Nihongo.gif

SqueakNihongo4a-Skeleton.zip (DOWNLOAD IT!)
SqueakNihongo4a + Skeleton-Minimum + Japanese kit image.

This changeset allows you to play with minimum Skeleton in Japanese.

25 Nov 2003: Each spring (SkeletonConstantLineMorph) has its own hardness (however this function is not stable).
25 Nov 2003: Motion of yello halo was changed.
25 Nov 2003: Fixed about pen trail with arrow.
20 Nov 2003: Japanese kit was uploaded.
20 Nov 2003: Nearest orthogonal point couldn't work.
20 Nov 2003: Fix about there wasn't 'length' slot in SqueakLand image.


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